Day surgery at Ipswich Hospital


Raedwald day surgery unit

Most day surgery procedures are carried out in the Raedwald Day Surgery Unit, in the landmark Garrett Anderson Centre.

The unit has four operating theatres, 18 single adult day surgery trolley cubicles, a six-bay post anaesthetic recovery suite and a recovery lounge for minor operation patients. Children are treated in a dedicated paediatric area with a play room and seven day surgery trolleys bays.

Because patients have their own private space, relatives who accompany you to hospital can sit and wait for you while you have your procedure.

If you are a patient in the Raedwald Day Surgery Unit at Ipswich Hospital, you must have a responsible adult collect you and stay with you overnight when you get home.

The Raedwald Day Surgery Unit can only prescribe medication that you cannot buy over the counter so remember to check your home stock of pain relief remedies before you come in.

If you are having a treatment under local anaesthetic or local anaesthetic plus sedation, please make sure you are aware of any preparations you need to make before the day of your procedure.


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