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Please note: pause in service for the Patient Portal at Ipswich Hospital 31 March – week beginning 16 May

We are moving the Patient Portal from one provider to another. This will enable us to continue to develop the Portal to provide additional functions over time, and to enable us to provide the service to all of our patients, not just those with appointments at Ipswich Hospital.

In order for this switch to take place there will be a pause in service from 31 March to [date] 2022.

During this period anyone signed up to the Portal will continue to receive paper letters by post for any appointments that are made for you. When the Patient Portal is back up and running you will be able to see information about any appointments from the previous 90 days. We are unable to move you automatically onto the new Portal system because you will need to set up your own sign up and security logins.

See your appointment letters and information online

We launched the Patient Portal in November 2019. Since then, over 55,000 people have used it to see their appointment information.

The Patient Portal shows your appointment letters and information about appointments online. Signing up is a short and secure process. You can even choose to go paperless and switch off postal appointment letters.

New-look Patient Portal coming May 2022

We’re moving to a new provider for our Patient Portal very soon. Existing users at Ipswich Hospital will receive a letter telling them how to move to the new system easily and securely.

Why join the Patient Portal?

We know keeping on top of appointments can be difficult. We have designed the Patient Portal to:

  • give you more control by providing access to information about your appointments
  • reduce the chance of lost letters and confusion about appointment dates and times
  • show information online anytime anywhere wherever you are
  • offer you a choice of ways to receive information from the hospital.

There are some hospital specialties that are not yet using the Patient Portal but we expect all areas to be available soon.

Launching at Colchester Hospital in 2022

The Patient Portal will launch for patients at Colchester Hospital later this year.

Technical problems?

If you’re having difficulty signing up for the Patient Portal, please email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Click here to access the Patient Portal accessibility statement


Frequently asked questions

What can patients see on the Portal?

Patients can see their appointment letters as a pdf file, and details of their appointment location, date and time. They can also choose to turn off paper appointment letters so they don’t receive them through the post.

Which patients can use the Patient Portal?

Currently the Patient Portal is only for users aged 18 and over. We will be developing a way for under 18s to use it in such a way that supports 16 and 17 year old who are transitioning to adult services, as well as other children, whose parents will need to use it by proxy.

Do patients have to join the Patient Portal?

No, this is a patient’s choice, all patients over 18 years old can join the Patient Portal. Details of how to join will be with your letters. 

Information about how to sign up to the new-look Portal will be available in late May – this is an updated position on 6 May 2022.


Will all letters be on the Patient Portal?

Nearly all outpatient appointments letters will be, the exception being three to four specialities where letters will continue to be sent as they are now.

Inpatient letters and copies of clinical letters that have been sent to primary care providers will also not be included at this stage.

How can I sign up?

Information about how to sign up to the new-look Portal will be available from late May – this is an updated position on 6 May 2022.

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