Estimated outpatient wait times


ESNEFT outpatient wait times

Once we receive your referral from your GP, it goes through a process called ‘triage’ where we look to see the best way forward for you.

The three options at this stage are:

  • To send you for an appointment with a doctor/ nurse or other specialist for you
  • To send you for more testing, such as X-ray, MRI scan or other testing
  • To send advice and guidance to your GP and allow them to lead your care

Watch a video explaining waiting times. The video opens in a new window which takes you to YouTube where accessibility controls may not be supported.

For an appointment or testing, you will be contacted as soon as possible to offer you an appointment for the soonest time available. You will receive a confirmation letter of your appointment, which will tell you the day, date and time of the appointment. You may be asked to attend hospital for a face-to-face appointment or a virtual clinic, either over the telephone or using video calling technology such as Zoom.

We have a more detailed waiting time guide (as below) for the different departments, which is slightly different dependent on which hospital you need to visit or speak to.

Your specific waiting time will depend on your personal circumstances, your health, and the department that you need to see.

View the ESNEFT estimated outpatient wait times (Opens in a new window 316 Kb pdf)

While you are waiting for an appointment at ESNEFT

For advice and practical support to help you and those you care for stay well while waiting for treatment, visit:

What to do if your symptoms get worse

If your symptoms get worse while you are waiting for your appointment, test or operation, you should seek advice from your GP or NHS 111 (Opens in a new window).


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