Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement


ESNEFT modern slavery and human trafficking statement

ESNEFT will:

Comply with legislation and regulatory requirements in this area
The Cabinet Office issued a directive on Modern Slavery in 2015 and Procurement has always referenced the legislation in our tender and contracting documentation. This was later followed with Cabinet Office Procurement Policy Notes – PPN 05_19 and more recently PPN02_23.

Make suppliers and service providers aware that we promote the requirements of this legislation
Procurement make suppliers aware of this legislation through the tender and contracting documentation we use when undertaking procurement tender exercises. We are currently reviewing the new guidance to cross-reference with our current processes and documentation. With regard to NHS terms and conditions these are ‘owned’ by NHS England so will reflect the new guidance with amendments made as required.

Consider modern slavery factors when making procurement decisions
The shortlisting and selection process to identify suppliers to participate in a tender exercise includes Modern Slavery criteria. When accessing framework agreements this will be the same for the organisation that ‘owns’ the framework.

Develop awareness of modern slavery issues throughout ESNEFT
Procurement staff complete government training via the Cabinet Office. This is currently being rolled out across the procurement team with six members already having received their certificates. Procurement attempts to promote the Modern Slavery Act by publishing the Procurement Policy Notes on the Procurement intranet page. In addition, the procurement quarterly newsletter is used to promote the Act to staff that frequently participate in tender and contracting projects and processes. It is proposed that for non-procurement staff the education team incorporate the theme into the ESNEFT Mandatory Training programme.

Use NHS Terms and Conditions for Goods and Services for specification and tender documents which require suppliers to comply with all relevant legislation and guidance, including modern slavery conditions
NHS terms and conditions are owned by NHS England and are updated accordingly.

Encourage suppliers and contractors to take their own actions and understand their obligations under this legislation
Our tender documentation and contracts cover this and evidence is requested in support of the criteria.

Ensure that modern slavery is included in safeguarding work plans
Included within Trust’s adult level 3 safeguarding training.

Ensure that all staff undertake mandatory safeguarding training, and training in equality, diversity and human rights
All staff are subject to the mandatory training requirements of employment within the Trust.

Ensure that procurement staff also receive regular legal briefings and appropriate training so that they are aware of legislative requirements in this area
Procurement staff receive regular briefings. This includes the Cabinet Office training and the training webinars that Mills and Reeve legal practice provides. This also forms part of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) qualifications.

Approved by the Board of Directors on 8 June 2023

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