Building work at Ipswich Hospital


Building work to improve Ipswich Hospital

There are a number of really big building projects going on at Ipswich Hospital. £150 million is being invested over five years to change the face of our hospitals across ESNEFT. 

We understand visiting a hospital may be more challenging right now so our teams wanted you to know what we are doing. Unfortunately there will be some changes, diversions to how people get about and temporary closures of facilities.

Please bear with us for the short-term as in the long term it will be hugely improving your hospital.

Some major building works have already begun and these pages will tell you more about each of the exciting projects.

Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) and Emergency Department (ED)

UTC and ED project news

Children’s department

Children's department project news

Additional CT and MRI scanners

CT and MRI project news

Eye Clinic at Ipswich Hospital

Eye Clinic project news

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