Leaving hospital


Think family and friends first

It’s normal to be a bit apprehensive about being home after a stay in hospital. Sometimes a chat with a loved one can be reassuring so if you are worried about anything once you get home, ring a family member or a friend and let them know how you are feeling.


Could you ask a neighbour of local community group for help?

The local community can be an excellent source of help and many neighbourhoods now have local groups or co-ordinators who can connect you to someone who can help out.


Contact your local community support organisation

If you live in Tendring or Colchester there are two local organisations that have access to a wide range of support. They can help with:

  • transport and collecting prescriptions
  • identifying home help or support for food shopping

Tendring residents

Community Voluntary Services Tendring
Email the CVS Tendring team
Telephone 01255 425 692

Colchester residents

Email the Community360 team
Telephone 01206 505 250


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