Feeling unwell now?


What to do when you are feeling unwell

This NHS advice page (Opens in a new window) tells you:

  • when to call 999
  • when to go to the Emergency Department (A&E) at a hospital
  • when to call 111
  • when to go to an Urgent Treatment Centre
  • how to see an NHS GP out of hours
  • how to see an NHS dentist out of hours


Patient choice

Did you know that in many cases you have the legal right to choose where you have your NHS treatment? The NHS is committed to offering more and more options to let you choose what best suits you and to give you greater control of your care.

You can view what choices are currently available to NHS patients in the NHS Choice Framework (Opens in a new window). You will also find information about when you cannot choose – for example, if you need emergency care. Make sure you know which options apply to you.




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