Children coming in for an operation


Children coming for inpatient treatment at ESNEFT hospitals

Thank you for choosing to be treated at ESNEFT and thank you for following all the guidance we have given you.

If your child is coming into our hospitals for routine surgery, here’s some information you may find useful to make sure they are kept safe:

  • If your child’s immune system means they are at higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, they will still need to be tested before coming to hospital for their operation. The team caring for your child will explain this process in more detail
  • You may be asked to consider reducing the time you and your child spends in enclosed, crowded spaces. Children can continue to attend school/education settings, unless their clinician has advised otherwise
  • Try to avoid people who have tested positive for COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19, or other respiratory infections, and have a temperature or feel unwell
  • Consider vaccinating your child. There are lots of local appointments on offer. You can book a vaccination (Opens in a new window) on the NHS website
  • Contact the team caring for your child if they and/or anyone else in your household develops symptoms of COVID-19 (Opens in a new window) or any infectious illness.
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