Day surgery


Day case surgery at ESNEFT

Coming into hospital as a day case patient means you come in and go home on the day of your operation. We have two day surgery units – Raedwald at Ipswich Hospital and Elmstead at Colchester Hospital.

Patients actually recover quicker at home – you will sleep better and have less risk of infection.

You will receive an appointment letter showing:

  • date and time of your procedure
  • anything you need to do before coming to us
  • where you need to come to
  • what you need to do after your procedure.

 Thanks to medical advances, more and more operations are now done as day cases.

Our doctors will check to make sure day case surgery is the right option for you.

You will continue to be reviewed and doctors will ask some patients to stay overnight either before or after their operation.

The team looking after you in hospital will also make sure you are ready to go home.

They will discuss:

  • your recovery
  • pain relief
  • things to look out for
  • things to avoid doing

You will also be given a telephone number to use in case you have any queries or worries at home.

Things to arrange before you come to hospital

It is very important that you have organised your transport home. We advise that you get a friend or relative to drive you.




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