How we work


Our structure

Our NHS organisation is a Foundation Trust.  As a Foundation Trust, decisions are made by our Board of Directors and overseen by our Council of Governors.

The Board of Directors that runs our Trust has responsibility for what we do.  Our Board has two types of directors:

  • Our executive directors have responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Trust. Some executive directors can vote at the Board and some cannot.
  • Our non-executive directors provide an independent check on how well the Trust runs.

Some ESNEFT staff and members of the public are part of our Council of Governors. The Council share their views of our services with the Board.

The Council of Governors has three types of members:

  • Public governors
  • Staff governors
  • Stakeholder Governors

Our Chair oversees the Board of Directors and the Council of Governors.

You can sign up as a public member to get the latest updates and opportunities to be more involved.

Find out about becoming a member

Board of Directors

The Trust Board meets regularly to discuss the running of the Trust and to make decisions. You can attend these meetings. Dates, times and agendas for upcoming meetings, and notes of past meetings, can be found on our Board Meetings page.

You can learn about each member of our Board on our Executive Team page and Non-Executive Team page.

Council of Governors

You can learn about the work of the Council of Governors on our Council of Governors page.

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