Urgent Emergency Care Centre


Urgent Emergency Care Centre at Ipswich Hospital

The Urgent Emergency Care Centre will offer treatment for a range of urgent but not life-threatening conditions, freeing up the emergency department to focus on providing care for the most critically ill and seriously injured patients. A single front door for all walk-in urgent and emergency patients, making sure they are seen and treated by the right team.

With hospital specialists working alongside primary care clinicians. The build will include a new CT scanner which is part of an additional £3.2million investment in diagnostic technology (also includes a new MRI scanner now in place in our Diagnostic Imaging department).

This development will also pave the way for a new musculoskeletal department. A new suite of musculoskeletal services will be created by bringing together Rheumatology, Spinal Services and Trauma and Orthopaedics all under one roof – putting all our specialists in one place. It will provide a better environment for patients and staff in our landmark Garrett Anderson Centre.

Illustration of the new main entrance and Urgent Emergency Care Centre at Ipswich Hospital

Design for main entrance, Urgent Emergency Care Centre



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