Catering and food for patients on our wards


Food on our wards

We are committed to providing high quality food and drink as part of your hospital stay and are constantly working to improve both the range and quality of the food and drink that we offer.

Each day you will be offered a continental breakfast with tea or coffee, cereal, bread, toast (where available).

For lunch you will be offered a three-course meal, with fruit juice to start, followed by a choice of sandwiches, salad or filled baked potatoes, or a hot meal with vegetables and potatoes. This is followed by a selection of desserts such as trifle, fresh fruit, yogurt, rice pudding, jelly and ice cream or cheese and biscuits.

In the evening we offer a light supper option with homemade soup. Hot meals with vegetables and potatoes or rice are also on offer, plus a cold dessert.

We provide vegetarian alternatives at every mealtime as well as healthier options and meals for those patients that need more calories.

As well as your meals we have a range of drinks and snacks available at all times – including tea, coffee, hot chocolate, squash, bread, cereal and biscuits.

We have developed menus showing the choices for a full week. These will be available at your bedside or in dining rooms in some of our wards.

If you have a special dietary need, please ensure your named nurse is informed when you are first admitted onto the ward.  Your dietary need will be displayed above your bed space and the catering host/hostess will be able to offer you meals suitable for your needs. This will be the same if a special diet is recommended by the medical team or dietitian.

During your stay there will be opportunities to take part in catering surveys, which helps us to monitor standards and plan future menus.

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