Welcome to ESNEFT new starters

Welcome to working at ESNEFT

Congratulations on your new role at Team ESNEFT.

We know starting a new job is a big step and there’s lots of information to take on board. Here we bring together the information you’ll need to get started.

Watch a welcome video from our Chief Executive Nick Hulme – The video opens in a new window which takes you to YouTube where accessibility controls may not be supported.

A brightly coloured graphic, which on one side reads ‘East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust. Our ESNEFT values: Optimistic, Appreciative, Kind’. The other side has an ombre effect of orange into pink. The top half of that side shows a picture of a young woman in hospital blue scrubs, and a blue theatres hat, looking serious. A caption reads We are ESNEFT. The bottom half has a photo of the same woman but she is smiling. She is now holding her hat and it has Optimistic written on it in black pen. A caption above reads We are, so in full it reads We are Optimistic. A hexagon shape to her left reads Jess Quinn, theatre assistant. Between the top and bottom halves is a section which reads Providing healthcare to almost a million people.

About us

We provide hospital and community health services to almost one million people. Our dedicated staff deliver care from:

  • acute hospitals in Colchester and Ipswich
  • community hospitals
  • surgeries
  • community and high street clinics
  • in patients’ own homes

We are the largest NHS organisation in East Anglia, employing more than 12,000 staff.

Several of our clinical services are among the largest in England:

  • Acute children’s services
  • Oncology
  • Trauma and Orthopaedics
  • General Surgery
  • Urology
  • Ophthalmology

We pride ourselves on supporting our staff. We offer a wide range of training and development opportunities, as well as flexible working options.

 Our organisational values are:

  • Optimistic – we will work together positively to make time matter for all our patients and staff.
  • Appreciative – we understand and value the role we all have in delivering better patient care every day.
  • Kind – we will value diversity and provide a caring and listening environment for all our patients and staff.

Our philosophy is Time Matters.
Dealing with health issues can be stressful, both for the individual affected and for those caring for them. There is the necessary stress of the health need and the emotional effort of caring. However, too often the complexity of the health and care system adds unnecessary stress. At the heart of this is time. Time is important to everyone whether as patients, as family or carers, or as staff delivering care.
We will improve services to make every moment count. We consider that time matters in all aspects of the way we do our job: from the way we plan clinical models of care, the way we interact with patients, the way we provide digital infrastructure, through to how we manage staff recruitment or the procurement of goods and services.

Watch a video where Chief Executive Nick Hulme explains our Time Matters philosophy – The video opens in a new window which takes you to YouTube where accessibility controls may not be supported.

Our clinical strategy

Our ambition is to provide the best care and experience, and to increase equality in health outcomes.

Our objectives remain to:

  1. Keep people in control of their health
  2. Lead the integration of care
  3. Develop our centres of excellence
  4. Support and develop our staff
  5. Drive technology enabled care

In our clinical strategy, we place specific emphasis on standardising the care we provide for our patients and staff, embracing the best of what we do and learning from best practice. This is the ESNEFT way.

ESNEFT Clinical Strategy 2024-2029 (274Kb pdf)


Love living and working here

Watch our short film about living in Suffolk and Essex – The video opens in a new window which takes you to YouTube where accessibility controls may not be supported.


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