Apprenticeship opportunities

Apprenticeships at ESNEFT

At ESNEFT we have a wealth of career opportunities for new and existing staff. One of these are apprenticeships.

These are essentially training opportunities running alongside a role – whether clinical or non-clinical.

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Apprenticeships aren’t just for entry-level jobs, but for all jobs whatever the level or banding. If you’re looking to join the NHS, learn skills in a specific area or develop your career, there is an apprenticeship for you.

Some apprenticeships, such as those in higher clinical or specialist engineering roles, are usually provided by an external provider such as a further education college, private training provider or university. You would take an agreed period of your working week out of your role to study or attend lectures in order to achieve the apprenticeship award.

Other apprenticeships are offered on-the-job while working for ESNEFT. You would carry out training during your working week as well as have dedicated time for the study of your award. Once you’ve met the required level/competence – you would sit the final assessments to achieve the apprenticeship.

These on-the-job apprenticeships are either clinical for roles such as a healthcare support worker (HCA), senior healthcare support worker or healthcare cleaning operative. For corporate or non-clinical roles these include jobs in business administration, customer service, team leadership or operation department managers.
Apprenticeships aren’t always labelled as such when jobs are advertised. If you’re currently working for the Trust there may be an apprenticeship you’d be interested in. Visit the Apprenticeship intranet page and talk to your line manager to find out more.

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