Our values

We have a simple philosophy: time matters.  Time matters for our patients, their families and our staff.  By focusing on time, we remove unnecessary stress and frustration to give our patients a better experience and to make sure you have more time to care and make the most of your skills.


Equality and Diversity

The communities we serve are diverse and we want our employees to represent this.  Having a diverse and empowered team enables us to give our patients the best possible care.  We are committed to treating everyone equally and with respect.

All our employees receive training that empowers them to support all patients and team members.

We have a range of active groups working with us to become a more diverse and inclusive employer. Our staff networks, for Black and Minority Ethnic staff and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) staff, support employees and help us to better understand the issues they face in the workplace.  We are committed to setting up a Disability Network to work with our disabled employees to ensure everyone works in a supportive, inclusive environment.

ESNEFT is committed to promoting equality, celebrating and valuing diversity and eliminating any form of discrimination.

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