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Blue background with white text reading 'Join our team' with the NHS Professionals logo in the right hand top corner.Looking to earn some extra money?  Want to work flexible hours?

NHS Professionals manages the temporary staffing Bank at ESNEFT.

NHS Professionals has over 100,000 general and specialist nurses, doctors, midwives, administrative, allied health professionals and support services professionals belonging to the biggest NHS Bank.

By registering with NHS Professionals, you can enjoy the following perks and more:

Graphic reading: 'Competitive weekly pay' , 'We pay 6% into your pension fund for matched contributions', '1st choice of available shifts. Bank members get priority over agency', 'Get paid to take holiday'

Whatever your availability, we value your skills and experience and can provide you with a fantastic opportunity to work with us in a way that suits your lifestyle.

100,000 people already belong to the Bank, what about you?


NHSP - experienced qualified flexibleNHSP - experienced hard working flexibleNHSP - compassionate dedicated flexible



Shifting Perceptions is a digital campaign that launched on 11th November with a clear focus on qualified and unqualified nursing staff to recognise bank staff.  We want to change the perception of bank members within the Trust to make them feel valued and a key part of the NHS Family.  Our aim is to make bank members feel just as important as substantive members of staff and encourage staff to treat them the same as everyone else.

Do you know any bank members who are: Experienced. Qualified. Flexible. Nominate them today for a #NHSP G.E.M Award! go.nhsp.uk/shiftingperceptions (Opens in a new window)

One big team, all working together for our NHS. #OurNHS go.nhsp.uk/shiftingperceptions (Opens in a new window)

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