About this service

Specialist clinics

We hold special antenatal clinics at Ipswich Hospital.

Diabetes clinic

If you have pre-existing diabetes or develop pregnancy-related diabetes (gestational diabetes), you will have appointments in our specialist clinic with a consultant obstetrician, a diabetes consultant, our diabetes nurse specialist and our diabetes specialist midwife.

  • We advise that if you are a diabetic and are planning a pregnancy, you should speak to your GP or contact the specialist nurses at the Diabetes Centre at Ipswich Hospital.
  • It is recommended that you start a high dose folic acid supplement prior to becoming pregnant, and during your pregnancy. You can see your GP who can prescribe this for you and give you further advice on plans for your pregnancy.

Pre-existing medical conditions

A consultant will liaise with your specialist team to make an individual plan of care for you.  This may include extra clinic appointments at the hospital.

Mental health support

We have a perinatal mental health team which includes a psychiatrist, a mental health nurse, an obstetrics consultant and a midwife.  This team will work with you throughout your pregnancy.

Finn Physiotherapy clinic

If you are pregnant, or have given birth in the past six weeks, you can self-refer to the physiotherapy service.

Call the team on 01473 703 522.

The service can help with:

  • back and pelvic pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • leakage of urine from the bladder
  • vaginal prolapse
  • leakage of faeces from the bowel
  • TENS instruction for labour
  • postnatal pain on sexual intercourse
  • painful postnatal haemorrhoids
  • treatment for vaginal stitches following delivery

Birth choices clinic

This clinic is led by the consultant midwife to help you to explore the options for your birth.

If you have had a previous traumatic experience, previous Caesarean section or if you have other concerns you may find it useful to spend time discussing the choices available to you..

Please speak to your midwife or call the Antenatal Clinic on
01473 703 102 to make an appointment

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