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Antenatal classes

Antenatal classes accept a maximum of 8 couples (sometimes 6). This is to ensure you enjoy the experience and have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Demand is high, so please ensure you book by 20 weeks of pregnancy. Please book your classes early. Your midwife can do this for you at your antenatal appointment.

Colchester Hospital classes

We try to ensure classes are at times and locations accessible to you. Most of our birth education is at weekends or evenings to ensure birth partners can make it.

Twins and multiple birth Evening

This evening allows parents expecting more than one baby to meet other parents and share experiences. The session includes a tour of the neonatal Unit. This is not an antenatal class, but a chance to ask questions of a midwife and twin mum about twin birth and life with twins.

Teenage parent Workshops

Our specialist midwife offers support and advice on planning your birth, feeding your baby and services you can access for further support.

Call 07508 042 625 to book.

Preparing for birth workshop

This 2 hour workshop is offered by the health visitors. The workshop focuses on your early days with your new baby. Topics can be flexible to meet the needs of the group. They can include:

  • feeding your baby
  • postnatal timeline of events
  • coping strategies for crying babies
  • breast feeding

You can book this class by calling 01206 372 300 Monday to Friday 9am to12pm.


Ipswich Hospital classes


This is a 10 hour course over 4 weeks and there is a charge of £15 to cover the book and CD that you take home.

Hypnobirthing enables women and their birthing partners to be calm, confident and in control during childbirth. Learning how to be free of fear and tension means that women allow their bodies to do what they are perfectly designed to do – give birth easily and gently.

Hypnobirthing is becoming an increasingly popular method of birthing calmly and with confidence. In many instances reduced or no analgesia is required by hypnobirthing women.

Hypnobirthing is for all births. We recognise that birth may take a different path than the one you had planned. Hypnobirthing can be used very successfully in all experiences, including Caesareans, inductions of labour, or situations that arise at the time. The techniques learnt can aid you in creating a positive birth on the day.

The ideal time to attend your hypnobirthing course is 24 – 28 weeks into your pregnancy, but if you are further into your pregnancy and wish to attend, we feel the course will still be beneficial to women who are up to 34 weeks pregnant.

To book on this course please email the hypnobirth midwife.

Feeding your baby

This class can help you make a decision about how to feed your baby when he/she arrives. This is an opportunity to discuss your options and have your questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere. Partners are welcome to attend.

You can book this class by contacting your midwife.

Preparing for birth workshop

This workshop is provided by our partner organisation, Suffolk Babies.  The workshop is free of charge to all women and their birth partner who register with a midwife in this area.  Click on the link below to find out about the workshop and to book your place.

Essential Preparation for Birth Workshop

Clacton Hospital classes

At Clacton Hospital we provide:

  • hypnobirthing classes
  • preparation for labour workshops
  • waterbirth workshops
  • breastfeeding workshops

We advise you call early to book your place.

Call 01255 201 600 to book.

Harwich Hospital classes

At Harwich Hospital we provide:

  • hypnobirthing classes
  • preparation for labour workshops
  • breastfeeding workshops

Call 01255 201 224 to book.

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