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You can read more about some of the different research studies we’ve been involved with through our news stories.

2024 ESNEFT research news stories

Patient on research study shares her story about the cancer ‘no one talks about’ – ESNEFT news story

ESNEFT recruitment blossoming in Sunflower Study – ESNEFT news story

Research trial gave me the chance of a new treatment for blood cancer – ESNEFT news story

Mum welcomes study looking at vaccine to protect babies from life-threatening infection – ESNEFT news story

‘I had a stroke during my hospital research appointment’ – ESNEFT news story.

Research study uses AI to ‘read’ chest x-rays – ESNEFT news story.

2023 ESNEFT research news stories

Research looks into life-changing option for patients with thyroid cancer – ESNEFT news story.

‘I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29’ – ESNEFT news story.

Diabetes study to grow following success at Ipswich Hospital – ESNEFT news story.

Parents-to-be with high blood pressure are being offered the chance to take part in a research study – ESNEFT news story.

Revolutionary implant inserted into patients’ eyes as part of glaucoma research trial – ESNEFT news story.

Families needed for study to understand why some children with autism experience gut problems – ESNEFT news story.

Stroke survivor commits to long-term research study into treatment – ESNEFT news story.

Research group helps men manage hot flushes for prostate cancer treatment – ESNEFT news story.

2022 ESNEFT research news stories

‘I said yes to trial to help future patients’ says research participant – ESNEFT news story.

Ipswich Hospital researchers are highest recruiters to pregnancy study – ESNEFT news story.

‘Signing up for a diabetic research study saved my life’ – ESNEFT news story.

Research leads say ‘thank you’ to staff still volunteering for COVID-19 trial two years on – ESNEFT news story.

Long COVID patient helps develop research study into condition – ESNEFT news story.

Trainee anaesthetists instrumental in research study’s success – ESNEFT news story.

Genes impact our body’s response to COVID-19 according to research – ESNEFT news story.

First ESNEFT patient signed up for cancer study – ESNEFT news story.

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