08/04/2024 | Press releases

ESNEFT recruitment blossoming in Sunflower Study

ESNEFT has been named as a leading trust in a study that could reduce the time patients face waiting for gallbladder surgery.

It is taking part in the Sunflower Study, which looks at whether patients require MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography), prior to gall bladder surgery.

ESNEFT was the sixth highest recruiter of participants in the country, during February.

Mr Martin Sinclair, consultant upper GI surgeon at ESNEFT and Principal investigator for the SUNFLOWER study, said: “The research team at ESNEFT have really helped us to increase numbers and we wouldn’t be in this position without them.

“The findings of the study may stop patients from having unnecessary investigations prior to surgery.”

Mr Georgios Karagiannidis, regional representative and associate PI for the Sunflower study and core surgical trainee at ESNEFT, said: “There is an uncertainty in the surgical field regarding the use of MRCP pre-operatively for patients with normal blood results.

“Getting an extra scan can actually prolong the waiting time for a patient having gall bladder surgery.

“This could streamline the waiting list and reduce the cost to the hospital carrying out the procedure, as well.”

The study, sponsored by Bristol University, is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) and is being run by clinicians experienced in gallbladder and general surgery, as well as experts in radiology.

A group of people in various clinical uniforms pose for a photograph. Two people are sat on a bench with the remaining five people stood around them.

Members of the Sunflower Study at ESNEFT.

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