Trust Board meeting dates and papers


ESNEFT Trust Board meeting which will be held in public

09 September 2021

Trust Board meeting in public to be held on Thursday 9 September 2021 at 09.30 am to 12.00am
Via videoconference. If you would like to join the meeting, please email

Item 1.1 Board of Directors Meeting held in Public 9 September 2021 AGENDA

Item 1.3a_Minutes of the Trust Board meeting – Public – 8 July 2021 – Draft

Item 1.3b_Trust Board Public Action Chart _August 2021

Item 2.2.1_Safeguarding Annual Report

Item 2.2.2_Infection Prevention and Control Annual Report

Item 2.2_Chairs Key Issues Report Quality and Patient Safety Committee August 2021

Item 2.3_Chairs Key Issues Report Performance Committee July and August 2021

Item 2.4a_Chairs Key Issues Report People and Organisational Development Committee July 2021

Item 2.4b_People and Organisational Development Committee Terms of Reference July 2021

Item 2.5 Integrated Performance Report – Month 4 (July) 2021-22 – front sheet

Item 2.5 Integrated Board Performance Report – Month 4 July 2021

Item 2.6 Every Birth Every Day Improvement Programme Update

Item 3.1a_ Disciplinary Policy Front Sheet

Item 3.1b_Disciplinary Policy v2.0 – ESNEFT

Item 3.1c_Investigation Toolkit V1.0

Item 3.1d_Creating TOR Toolkit V1.0

Item 4.1a_Risk Management Policy Front Sheet

Item 4.1b_Risk Management Policy v2.1

Item 4.2_Report on the use of the Trust Seal August 2021


Board meeting papers and details of how to attend will be made available shortly before each meeting.

Meeting dates in 2021/22:


04 November 2021

03 February 2022





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