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Skin conditions

Skin conditions service at ESNEFT

We assist patients who have skin conditions and diseases including acne, psoriasis, skin infections and skin cancers. Our services include:

  • plastic surgery (minor surgical procedures)
  • phototherapy (using light as a treatment for skin conditions)


Phototherapy (UVB) and Photochemotherapy (PUVA) are artificial sources of ultraviolet light radiation which are used in a controlled environment to treat various types of skin disease. The treatment takes place in specially designed cabinets which contains fluorescent light tubes around the sides. Treatment is performed by specially trained staff and patients need to attend on a regular basis for the treatment to be effective. This remains an effective temporary treatment of many skin diseases and is usually highly acceptable to patients and it remains a valuable treatment option.

Patch testing for allergies

Patch testing can help your doctor find out whether your eczema/dermatitis is caused by an allergy to substances that come into contact with your skin such as materials at home, work or during leisure activities. It does not help to highlight other allergies such as food allergies.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT is a technique for treating precancerous skin lesions and some forms of basal cell carcinoma.  It involves the application of a light sensitive cream that is activated by a red light beam.  This treatment kills the abnormal cells in the skin. Your dermatologist may suggest that your skin lesion is suitable for treatment by PDT rather than surgery. Day light PDT is offered to some patients with actinic keratosis and provided within spring to summer months making use of the sunny climate.

Dermatology treatment in North East Essex

The dermatology service in North East Essex is delivered from the Primary Care Centre in Colchester.  In addition we run outreach clinics from Clacton and Harwich hospitals.

Dermatology treatment in East Suffolk

We run multiple clinics at Ipswich Hospital, with a designated member of the nursing staff supporting each clinic.  During your clinic visit you will be cared for by our team of doctors and nursing staff with the additional support of our friendly reception team.

Ipswich Hospital Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Accessibility information from AccessAble (Opens in a new window)



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