About this service

  • Macmillan skin cancer nurse specialist and department lead nurse – Rachel Alexander
  • Dermatology nurse practitioner – Jill Peters
  • Dermatology nurse specialist – Shuk Yates
  • Dermatology nurse specialist – Lynda Goodall
  • Phototherapy nurse specialist – Sharon Anderson
  • Research nurse – Sue Hoods
  • Senior staff nurse – Aga Michalczewska, Jo Kirby
  • RGNS with a variety of additional Nurse skills allowing nurse led services such as punch biopsy clinics, minor surgery clinics, phototherapy clinics, patch test clinics, photodynamic therapy clinics and dressing clinics – Vikki Abbott, Mel Amey, Sarah Barber, Gina Filograna, Alison Stockdale, Hayley Skene, Suzanne Wylie.
  • Assistant practitioner – Lisa Hares
  • Healthcare assistant team – Matthew Amey, Charley Goldsmith, Joely Smith, Lisa Turtill, Susan Tye. Monika Hertnagel-Winter.
The whole team
Phototherapy Team
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