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Sleep breathing disorders

Sleep services at ESNEFT

Our sleep services departments offer a range of sleep apnoea testing and treatments.

Please note that the departments do not offer drop-in appointments for any sleep related queries.

Your GP will refer you to our service.

The service operates from Colchester and Ipswich hospitals.

Sleep study tests are also performed at the Clacton Community Diagnostic Centre.

Websites with information about sleep disorders

NHS UK website – Sleep Apnoea (Opens in a new window)

British Snoring (Opens in a new window)

Resmed – Starting CPAP therapy at home (Opens in a new window)

Notifying the DVLA that you have a sleep disorder

Patients with sleep apnoea, who drive a motor vehicle, are advised to refer to the DVLA Guidelines regarding notification. website – excessive sleepiness and driving (Opens in a new window)

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