About this service


An accepted referral from your General Practitioner or Hospital Consultant to the sleep service for a diagnostic sleep study will be needed to commence the pathway.


You book your appointment via ‘Choose and Book’ system or by contacting the Sleep Secretary.


You have a diagnostic Sleep Study appointment (Outpatients Department, The Oaks Hospital, Colchester.)


Treatment (CPAP collection: Gainsborough Clinic, Colchester Hospital, Colchester.)

If you are a candidate for CPAP treatment you will have an appointment arranged through our secretary to collect the CPAP equipment. If you are a candidate for another type of treatment this will be discussed with you during the consultant’s telephone clinic.

How to set up your CPAP equipment at home

Click here to view the video showing you how to set up your CPAP machine

Please note: If you have a requirement for complex ventilation or neurological sleep disturbances, you may be referred to a specialist respiratory/sleep service for the treatment of your condition. This will be discussed with you if this is the case.

AIRVIEW: Remote follow up

Airview is a system that allows our sleep technicians at the hospital to remotely view data from your CPAP machine. We are able to assess any problems you may have with your CPAP machine and adjust settings if needed. This means we can do most of our work via the telephone. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are struggling with using your CPAP machine.


For the annual renewal of CPAP consumables (Masks, tubes, filters, or humidification chambers) please contact 01206 742 179 stating the make, model and size of mask needed or any other equipment required.

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