About this service


An accepted referral from your General Practitioner or Hospital Consultant to the sleep service for a diagnostic sleep study will be needed to commence the pathway.


You will be contacted by a member of the appointments team in order to schedule an overnight sleep study.


You have a diagnostic Sleep Study appointment (The Lung Function Unit, Outpatients Department, Ipswich hospital.)  At this appointment you will be issued with equipment that will allow you to undertake the sleep study at home


Your sleep study will be reviewed by a respiratory consultant.  A report will be sent to your GP.  If the test shows no evidence of sleep apnoea your GP will let you know the result and they will contact you.  If the test shows sleep apnoea a telephone clinic appointment will be arranged to discus the results and treatment options with a sleep specialist.

If you are a candidate for CPAP treatment you will have an appointment arranged through our secretary to collect the CPAP equipment. If you are a candidate for another type of treatment this will be discussed with you during the consultant’s telephone clinic.


For the annual renewal of CPAP consumables (Masks, tubes, filters, or humidification chambers) please contact 01473 703 250 stating the make, model and size of mask needed or any other equipment required.

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