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Musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Ipswich Hospital

What to expect at your musculoskeletal physiotherapy appointment

On arrival please report to the reception desk in the physiotherapy outpatients department. Your first appointment will usually be 45 minutes and follow up appointments are normally 30 minutes.

At your appointment, your physiotherapist will ask you questions about your injury/symptoms, your past medical history and how you are feeling generally.

Then they will usually examine the injured area. Your treatment plan will then be decided between you and your physiotherapist, and individualised towards your goals.

An important part of physiotherapy involves exercises to help increase your range of movement and strengthen the injured area. In addition, advice and education will be provided for you on your condition and strategies to help you self-manage your condition in the future.

After your appointment, you will be offered ongoing face to face appointments, an exercise class or you will be discharged with an open appointment to self-manage your condition.

Physiotherapy classes

Please arrive 10 minutes before class, check into the musculoskeletal physiotherapy reception.

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