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Visiting a loved one and collection of property

We understand that you may want to see your loved one as soon as possible after they have passed.

If you feel that you are unable to wait until your loved one has been released to the funeral director, please contact the Medical Examiners Officers or Mortuary to arrange a visit. Please note that visits are by appointment only and we do not routinely offer appointments over the weekend.

Before arranging a visit

We feel it is important to let you know that we are not always able to present your loved one in the same manner as a funeral director would be able to. Our setting is very clinical and your loved one would be in the same clothing that they wore at the time of their passing. We are not able to dress your loved ones in different clothing. You may wish to wait until your loved one is transferred to the care of the funeral director.

Collection of property

Your loved one’s property is usually transferred to your funeral director. If you would like to collect their property sooner, please contact the Medical Examiners Officers to make an appointment.

Park for free at Colchester for your bereavement visit

At Colchester, we have dedicated free parking for those who are coming to visit a loved one or collect property. Parking is located at the Butterfly Lodge near Gainsborough Wing. From the main visitor car park, follow the road round to the right past the Turner Diagnostic Centre. Once parked, you will need to enter your vehicle registration number via the touchscreen on the wall inside the Butterfly Lodge.

Butterfly Lodge Accessibility information from AccessAble (Opens in a new window)

Park for free at Ipswich for your bereavement visit

At Ipswich, please park in any of the visitor car parks on site. To save you having to pay for parking, please pass your vehicle registration details to staff on arrival at the department and they can enter these for you.



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