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Doctor looks in patients eye

Ipswich Hospital Eye Clinic upgrade

21/03/2022 | Big Builds

The Outpatient Eye Clinic at Ipswich Hospital is being refurbished to create more treatment rooms and improve patient experience. The clinic is visited by tens of thousands of outpatients every year. This £1.8million upgrade will improve the use of space – making more useful clinical areas and resulting in less to-ing and fro-ing for patients… Read more »

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Colleagues from ESNEFT’s Estates and Facilities team and representatives from building firms involved in the project stand outside the new main entrance at the south end of Ipswich Hospital.

Ipswich Hospital’s new entrance is now open

29/11/2021 | Big Builds

The new south main entrance (entrance 2) at Ipswich Hospital opened on Monday, 29 November 2021. This is the first big opening as part of the £23.1 million transformation that will improve how patients and visitors access services at the south end of the hospital. After six months of major building works, visitors and patients… Read more »

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