21/03/2022 | Big Builds

Ipswich Hospital Eye Clinic upgrade

The Outpatient Eye Clinic at Ipswich Hospital is being refurbished to create more treatment rooms and improve patient experience.

The clinic is visited by tens of thousands of outpatients every year. This £1.8million upgrade will improve the use of space – making more useful clinical areas and resulting in less to-ing and fro-ing for patients during appointments.

Earlier this year, the Retinal Eye Suite at the hospital was relocated to next to the Ophthalmology Day Care Unit (ODCU), on the main corridor. Having the retinal eye suite next to the ODCU and close to the eye clinic makes it easier for injection patients to have their vision test, OCT test & examination, and injection all in one area.

The upgrade project will also create space for a new state-of-the-art laser machine in the ODCU for precision cataract surgery.

We apologise for disruption in the hospital as the building works take place.

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