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Colchester Hospital

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01206 742 857

01206 742 950

Ipswich Hospital

The Neonatal Unit is on Framlingham Ward,  entrance 7.

Caring for your baby at home

The Ipswich neonatal outreach team support babies who are able to be discharged from the Neonatal Unit, but still need some ongoing support, for example babies who are on oxygen or supported feeding.

This service runs 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


How to get here

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Staying in hospital

Ward contact information

01473 703 070

We care for babies born from 27 weeks at both Colchester Hospital and Ipswich Hospital.  We provide holistic and family centred care for the sick, new born baby.
We work within the East of England Neonatal Network, and the units at both hospitals are level 2 neonatal units.


There is an open visiting policy for parents on the Neonatal Unit, so you are welcome to visit at any time, but only one parent at a time.

Parents swapping visiting must do so outside the unit.

Other visitors are welcome to visit between 3pm and 5pm. Any visitors must be accompanied by one or both parents or they will not be permitted to visit. This is to protect your baby.

Baby’s brothers and sisters are welcome at any time and are the responsibility of parents whilst on the unit. We ask that no other children under the age of 16 visit.

People who are unwell should not visit the Neonatal Unit. To protect the babies we ask that only parents touch or cuddle their baby whilst they are still in an incubator. It is very important to wash your hands before touching your baby.


Colchester Hospital Neonatal Unit

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