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Colchester Hospital

We see orthopaedic or fracture clinic patients in the main outpatients department.

Virtual Fracture Clinic (VFC)

This is a new service designed to speed up patient access to orthopaedic care at our hospital. Patients attending A&E at either Colchester or a minor injury unit are referred to our VFC.

Patients do not have a face to face appointment.

A consultant and nurse specialist will look at your X-Ray, the next working day, and decide how to progress.

The outcome of this can include:

  • face to face fracture clinic appointment where you will be reviewed by an orthopaedic specialist
  • discharge with a home management and treatment plan
  • a plaster room appointment

In all cases you will be telephoned by a nurse specialist and told the outcome of the VFC. If an appointment is needed it will be booked with you over the phone.

If you are discharged, you will be contacted by a nurse specialist and your treatment plan will be explained. We then email you an information sheet relevant to your injury. This saves you making an unnecessary trip to the hospital and gives you the ability to manage your own condition as soon as possible.

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01206 747 474

Staying in hospital

Ward information

We have four trauma & orthopaedic wards located in Constable Wing on the first and second floor:

  • Aldham Ward (trauma/emergency care) 1st Floor.
  • Fordham Ward (trauma/emergency care) 1st Floor.
  • Copford Ward (admission for elective/planned care) 2nd Floor.
  • Great Tey Ward (inpatient following elective/planned care) 2nd Floor.

Ipswich Hospital

The service is moving temporarily to a new building, not far from the existing clinic. You can find it at the south end of site where there is building work ongoing. To the right of the building work is a new building which has a sign ‘Orthopaedic and Fracture Clinic’. There are signposts and walkways from nearby visitor car parks.

There will be a dedicated drop-off / pick-up zone for patients in car park F, which is the main visitor car park straight over the roundabout as you arrive at the hospital via Heath Road. It’s a short walk to the clinic from there.


How to get here

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01473 712 233

Staying in hospital

Ward information

Patients undergoing surgery will be admitted to:

  • Raedwald Day Surgery Unit
  • Martlesham Ward – a dedicated orthopaedic ward

Trauma and Orthopaedics

Bones and joints services are known as Trauma and Orthopaedics (T&O).

  • The Trauma and Orthopaedics team help care for patients with bone, muscle or joint disorders
  • We carry out a wide range of planned (elective) and emergency (trauma) surgery
  • Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals with a range of different expertise
  • The way we work together in a multidisciplinary team is essential to your care

T&O treatments at ESNEFT

We perform a wide range of surgeries including:

  • Hip and knee surgery including joint replacements, arthroscopies and soft tissue reconstruction
  • Trauma surgery
  • Surgery and other treatments for children, such as fractures, club feet, cerebral palsy, dislocated hips in babies and other congenital and developmental conditions
  • Spinal surgery including primary decompressions, fusions and spinal stabilisations
  • Upper limb surgery including shoulder and elbow replacements, tendon reconstruction and carpal tunnel
  • Foot and ankle surgery including amputations, ligament and tendon reconstruction and fusions





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