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Our quick guide to cannulation


This is a cannula.

Image of a cannulaIt is a short, fine, flexible tube that is inserted into one of your veins, located generally in either your inner elbow (cubital fossa) or the back of your hand.

Graphic of cannula inserted into arm

It allows doctors and nurses to administer medicines, fluid and blood products straight into your bloodstream.

It can sometimes be used for taking blood samples.

It can be left in place for a number of days, and will require a small ‘flush’ with saline water before and after each time it is accessed. If it’s not used for a while, a nurse will ‘flush’ it routinely to help keep it working.

It might help to use a numbing product when having one fitted. Please talk to your nurse about ‘cold spray’ or local anaesthetic cream.

It uses a very fine needle within the tube to position the cannula, which is immediately removed once in place.

It is secured in place using sticky dressings and medical tape.  It is then wrapped in a bandage to keep it safe and secure.

It allows you to continue using your hand and arm.  Try not to bend that area too much. You may have to use a splint to protect it from bumps and knocks.


For more information

Speak to your nurse or health play specialist



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