28/06/2024 | Press releases

Thanking organ donors with a new art installation

New artwork thanking organ donors for their generosity is now on display at Ipswich Hospital.

The glass structure, called ‘the heart of the matter’, was created by local artist Arabella Marshall. It is on display in the foyer immediately outside the Critical Care Unit.

The artwork was created by fusing layers of glass together. It is made up of three individual panes which form a larger panel which brings in light from outside the building.

A group of people smiling

Dr Paul Carroll, consultant in intensive care and lead for organ donation at Ipswich Hospital said: “We are saying a heartfelt thank you to all organ and tissue donors and their loved ones through this art installation.”

Arabella, who created the piece, said: “The more I look at the structure, the more I discover new things. It is about every individual piece being essential to form the whole.

“The glass ‘heart’ is not balanced or perfect but is the more beautiful because of that. It is like our own dented hearts, which have to mend after suffering, taking us to greater depths of understanding and love.”

The artwork was commissioned by East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Trust’s Organ Donation Committee.


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