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Support for miscarriage at ESNEFT

We would like to offer our condolences at this difficult time. We appreciate the need for clear information and guidance and will do our utmost to support you and your family.

We have specialist midwives who can advise you and support groups that can support you.

For medical information about miscarriage NHS website – miscarriage (Opens in a new window).

Colchester Hospital miscarriage service contacts

First point of contact is Stanway ward on 01206 742 035.

Specialist baby loss midwives Sue Armstrong and Katy Philpin 07803 187 888.

Ipswich Hospital miscarriage service contacts

Stour ward (floor 5 of the maternity block, entrance 7).
01473 704 788.

Early Gynae Assessment Unit (Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm).
01473 703 671.

Maternity reception (every day until 9pm).
01473 703 108.

If you are unable to contact any of the above, phone the senior midwife.
01473 703 040.

Specialist baby loss midwife Ali Brett.
01473 707 668.




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