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Breast services at ESNEFT

We work as a team to offer diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of breast problems. These include:

  • breast lumps
  • breast skin changes
  • nipple problems including nipple discharge
  • breast pain
  • diagnosis and treatment of benign breast conditions
  • diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer
  • male breast problems
  • high risk family history.

You may be referred to us by your GP or by the breast screening service (mammograms).

For information about specific conditions, please see the NHS website (Opens in a new window).

Breast screening mammograms

If you are aged from 50-70 you should receive automatic invitations for breast screening every three years. If you are over the age of 70, you may self-refer for breast screening.

Your first appointment at an ESNEFT breast clinic

We hold breast clinics at Colchester and Ipswich hospitals.

You should allow up to three hours for a first clinic appointment. You may bring a family member or a friend if you wish.

At the appointment, you will have a physical examination. You may have a special breast X-ray called a mammogram. You may have a breast ultrasound. We will give you the results of these tests on the day.

You may need to have a needle test called a breast biopsy.  The results take between one and two weeks.

Breast clinic at Colchester Hospital

The breast service on the Colchester site is in the Gainsborough Wing. The main access is via the breast services entrance. There are three parking spaces outside the unit which may be used for dropping off or collecting patients.

Colchester Hospital breast unit Accessibility information from AccessAble (opens in a new window).

Breast clinic at Ipswich Hospital

The breast service on the Ipswich site is delivered in the Breast Care Centre which is accessible via entrance 6, please follow the signs from Entrance 6.

The Breast Care Centre has 2 entrances:

  • door A to access Breast clinics, Mammograms, breast ultrasound and needle biopsies
  • door B to access Breast screening.

Ipswich Hospital Breast Care Centre Accessibility information from AccessAble (Opens in a new window).

Breast surgery at Ipswich Hospital

Breast surgery encompasses a variety of breast disorders, such as benign and malignant lumps. Surgical procedures carried out at Ipswich Hospital range from simple removal of a lump to breast removal (mastectomy) and breast reconstruction.


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