15/02/2021 | Press releases

New cutting-edge equipment unveiled

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) has become one of the first trusts in the UK to introduce brand new augmented reality technology to help its laparoscopic surgeons to further improve their skills.

The Inovus simulation equipment has been purchased by the world-renowned ICENI Centre at Colchester Hospital. It uses motion-tracking software in a laparoscopic box trainer to allow assessors to objectively measure their learner’s performance and improvement over time, in turn helping them to determine whether they are ready to begin operating on patients.

The cutting-edge equipment includes a master unit which will be kept at the ICENI Centre, along with 11 portable boxes which learners are able to take home to develop their skills in their own time.

Consultant Greg Wynn (pictured above), lead clinical director of the ICENI Centre, said: “We are delighted that we have been able to purchase this fantastic augmented reality simulation equipment and are thrilled to have begun using it at the ICENI Centre. We are one of a small handful of centres in the UK to have invested in this specialist kit, which will play at vital role in keeping us at the cutting edge and maintaining the ICENI Centre’s brand prestige.

“Technical skills simulation has always been an incredibly important element of the training pathway for our clinicians, but previously had to be assessed by observing the learner as they worked. This equipment will allow us to measure performance much more objectively while also helping learners to map their own development and see how quickly they are progressing to the level required to venture into the operating theatre.

“One of the most useful features of this technology is the ability of the trainee to take their box away and practice in an environment where they feel most comfortable. This will make a huge difference to people’s learning opportunities by helping them to fit in additional training at a time which is convenient for them.”

Dr Elliot Street, co-founder and CEO of Inovus Medical, said: “The ICENI Centre is widely accepted as one of the global pioneers of minimally invasive surgical training and I am delighted they have chosen to adopt our suite of technologies to futureproof their position as leaders in this field.

“This is the start of what I am sure will be an exciting and long-term partnership between the ICENI Centre and Inovus Medical as we both look to provide the perfect training solutions for the modern-day surgical trainee.”

The ICENI Centre was able to purchase the equipment thanks to grants from Colchester & Ipswich Hospitals Charity, as well as the Dinwoodie Charitable Company, Colchester Catalyst Charity and the Colchester Medical Charitable Trust.

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