30/06/2020 | Press releases

Keeping you safe when we visit your home

Community staff working for East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) are reminding patients of the extra steps they are taking to keep everyone safe when they visit to provide care at home.

Nursing and therapy staff have outlined the precautions which they are taking to minimise the spread of coronavirus. This includes cleaning their hands for at least 20 seconds before entering a patient’s home and putting on personal protective equipment (PPE).

Their PPE will be made up of an apron, gloves and facemask, which they will pull down under the chin and pinch across the nose to make sure there are no gaps. They may also be wearing eye protection, depending on the care which is being provided.

The PPE will be carefully disposed of after use and replaced between each patient to minimise any risk.

Rebecca Pulford, ESNEFT’s associate director of nursing (community), said: “Every member of our staff, regardless of whether they are based in one of our main hospitals or within the community, has worked incredibly hard since the pandemic began to keep everyone safe.

“We now want to assure those who may need care in their own homes that we are continuing to take extra steps and doing everything we can to minimise risk when we visit to meet their healthcare needs.

“If you need community care, the colleague who visits will put on their PPE as soon as they enter your home, so please be prepared to see them wearing a facemask, apron and gloves as a minimum.

“We want everyone who receives care from ESNEFT to feel safe and comfortable, so please do ask our staff if you have any questions about safety or the PPE they will be wearing.”

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