30/08/2021 | Press releases

Hydrotherapy pools set to reopen for patients

Hydrotherapy pools that had to close during the pandemic are reopening for patients.

People living with certain muscular conditions, neurological conditions or those who are post-surgery and may benefit from physiotherapy in a hydrotherapy pool will soon be able to have treatment in the water.

Sue Voules, clinical specialist physiotherapist at Ipswich Hospital, said: “Hydrotherapy pools are much warmer than regular pools so help muscles to relax. Having treatment in a hydrotherapy pool helps a patient regain movement, and in the pool they’re weightless so able to do more.

“Patients who have had recent surgery, like knee surgery, or who may have a rheumatology condition like arthritis can really benefit.”

Sue added that the 30-minute sessions really help to build confidence, as well as provide crucial physical benefits for a patient. “People feel more comfortable and really enjoy being in the warm water, so it can be a really good option for a patient.”

Ipswich Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool

The pools had to close because of Coronavirus (COVID-19), but the Ipswich Hospital pool is now open and Colchester’s Mill Road Therapy Centre pool is open for children, with plans to reopen for adults in a few weeks’ time.

There are still many restrictions for all patients, staff and visitors at hospital, and it will take time for all patients who may have previously had pool sessions to be able to return.

hydrotherapy pool

Pip Churchyard, paediatric MSK lead physiotherapist, who runs community sessions at the Mill Road Therapy Centre, said only patients with the highest needs will be able to return for sessions, but it’s a great start.

He added: “The children’s sessions are opening up now, and in a few weeks we hope the adult sessions will run again too.

“Children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida or muscular dystrophy are some of those who benefit from pool-based physiotherapy. It can help with significant injuries or if someone has had hip or spinal surgery.”

Colchester Hospital’s hydrotherapy pool is also planned to reopen in the future but is currently under development.

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