09/03/2022 | Press releases

ESNEFT welcomes new maternity leadership team

A fresh approach to leadership is now in place in the Maternity Service at East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) – including a ground-breaking new role which will increase the support available to staff, parents and babies.

Four new appointments will work across all ESNEFT sites, including Director of Midwifery Ros Bullen-Bell, head of midwifery Dee Macey, Better Birth lead Nicola Heath and professional midwifery advocate Caro Daniels.

ESNEFT is thought to be among the first trusts in the country to appoint a full-time professional midwifery advocate. To fulfil the role, experienced midwife Caro has completed specialist training, which means she will be able to provide extra support to midwifery colleagues, as well as to pregnant people.

In addition to the four staff who will work across all ESNEFT sites, Marie Fletcher has been appointed as deputy head of midwifery at Ipswich Hospital, while Laura Clover will fulfil the position in Colchester.

Giles Thorpe, ESNEFT’s Chief Nurse, said: “I am excited about the strength of our new maternity leadership team. Given the significant changes in the maternity department and the continued focus on providing pregnant people and their children with consistent high standards of care, there has never been a more important time to have a robust leadership team in place.

“Following our appointment of a new director of midwifery, we have developed the team to have a cross-site head of midwifery and two site specific deputy heads so that we can focus on continuous improvement in our services, both in our hospitals and our communities.”

Ros Bullen-Bell, Director of Midwifery with ESNEFT, said: “We are pleased that our new leadership team is now in place. Our focus over the coming months will be on retaining and developing our existing midwifery colleagues while recruiting additional staff for the benefit of everyone who chooses to have their baby under our care.”

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