19/03/2021 | Press releases

Digital project handed £250,000 boost

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded £250,000 to help us develop a business cases for further digital investment as part of a national programme designed to transform the NHS through the use of technology.

ESNEFT has been named as one of 32 trusts to receive seed funding as part of the second wave of the national digital aspirant programme, run by NHSX.

The money will be used to recruit additional staff to develop the business case, which will show how we will transform people’s experiences by using digital technology to automate support processes whilst putting more power in the hands of users, public and patients.

In addition, it will explain how we will work with partners at more than 40 sites where we have bases to improve the ICT infrastructure and resolve any legacy issues which remain following the merger and since we began running community services.

The business case will also support the longer term aims of our 2019 – 24 Trust strategy, which include:

  • using technology to give patients direct access to services and the ability to contribute to and share their health information through our secure patient portal,
  • improving and upgrading our telephone and computer systems, and
  • developing shared care records to further join up care and prevent patients from having to tell their story more than once.

Mike Meers, ESNEFT’s Director of Information Communication and Technology, said: “This funding will help us take a major step forward in our digital transformation programme. It will allow us to work with our NHS partners to develop a case for further funding, which in turn will support our innovative plans to use technology to further improve the care we are able to deliver and the service our patients receive.”

Matthew Gould, Chief Executive of NHSX, said: “Digitising frontline services is at the heart of NHSX and it is the bedrock upon which we are continuing to build the capability to deliver healthcare that is safe, efficient and fit for today’s needs.”

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