11/03/2021 | Press releases

Changes to parking at Ipswich Hospital

New parking technology is being introduced at Ipswich Hospital to make it easier and more convenient for everyone to park.

The hospital team is introducing an automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) system for staff and visitor parking from Monday 10 May.

The biggest benefit for visitors and patients is that new payment machines are being introduced which will allow them to pay for parking using their bank card or their mobile phone, as well as cash.

Car parking charges and exemptions remain the same. The new arrangements will include a drop off / pick up time so any vehicles on site for up to 30 minutes will not be charged.

Paul Fenton is Director of Estates and Facilities for North Essex and East Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, the organisation which runs Ipswich Hospital.

He said: “Many of our patients and visitors have told us how much better their experience of visiting would be if we had different payment options, so we are really pleased to be able to introduce this flexibility.

“It also means people will only pay for the time they spend on site. They will no longer need to guess how long they may be, as this has in the past meant visitors overestimate their stay and pay more than necessary.”


A message for blue badge holders
It is important that blue badge holders register their badge and vehicle(s) with the hospital team, just once, to make sure they are not charged.

This can be done when you first visit Ipswich Hospital on or after 6 April by going to the general office (formerly known as South Finance department). It is signposted on the ground floor of the hospital’s south wards corridor and is opposite Bramford and Boxford wards and the Paediatric Assessment Unit.

Please note that the blue badge holder must be present at the time of registering. This is so we can confirm their photo identification.

Just leave the clock part of your blue badge in your vehicle and bring the photo identification part, along with your registration number(s), to the office and we will be able to register the blue badge for you.

You can register up to four vehicles to a blue badge and once you have registered your vehicle(s) you can park in our blue badge parking spaces free of charge and simply drive in and out of the car parks when you visit the hospital.

Please make sure that when you park in a blue badge parking space that you clearly display your blue badge, failure to do so could lead to a penalty charge notice being issued.

Blue badge holders are not permitted to park on yellow lines, hatched areas, non-marked parking bays, or on the pavements or grassed areas on our sites.

The only time you need to visit the office again is if:

  • Your blue badge expires and you receive a new one
  • You change your vehicle
  • You come to hospital in a different vehicle


A message for our regular or long term visitors
If you are a patient in a department where you are issued a concessions permit – such as those who are receiving regular cancer treatment, or for those in labour – you’ll just need to tell the department’s reception team if you’ve travelled by car that day.


Staff car parking
ANPR technology is also being introduced in the hospital staff car parks, but car parking at the hospital remains free for staff during the COVID-19 pandemic in line with national Government guidance.


Got a question?
Anyone with questions about parking at Ipswich Hospital can email travel.plan@esneft.nhs.uk

Helpers will be on hand in the car parks for the first couple of weeks after the ANPR launch to help visitors with questions.

Visiting restrictions remain in place at the hospital to keep everyone safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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