04/05/2023 | Press releases

Celebrating our midwives ahead of International Day of the Midwife

Tomorrow (5 May) marks International Day of the Midwife, which celebrates the difference midwives make around the globe every single day. Here, one ESNEFT midwife shares her story.

“Seeing the joy on their faces when their babies are born is something I cannot describe”

Throughout her childhood, Josephine Benson dreamt of becoming a nurse – so when she was offered a place on a midwifery course after leaving school, she was initially reluctant to accept.

But from her very first day at midwifery training college in Ghana she knew she’d made the right decision – and now takes great pleasure from working as part of a team to help families welcome their new arrivals into the world.

“I’ve always had great passion for helping vulnerable people, especially the young, sick and elderly, which is why I was keen to go into nursing,” said Josephine, who qualified in 2012. “But today I can honestly say that I was made to be a midwife – I love my career and definitely feel my passion is being fulfilled.

“Midwifery is very challenging but I enjoy every bit of it. Caring for a labouring woman, her unborn child and family, and seeing the joy on their faces when their babies are born is something I cannot describe. Successfully managing complications and making sure that mother and baby are both in good condition also brings me so much joy and fulfilment.

“What I like most about my current role is the one-on-one care I give to my women, babies and birthing partners. The delight I see on their faces after their babies are born is a trophy I cannot trade for anything else, and the ‘thank yous’ which come afterwards are so heart-warming.”

Josephine spent a decade working as a midwife in Ghana before moving to ESNEFT in April 2022, and now works at Ipswich Hospital on Deben Ward.

“The support, care and help I’m receiving from management, colleagues and service users is amazing,” she said. “I chose ESNEFT because of the warm welcome I felt right from the start of my migration process. Within my first year at the Trust, I’ve received massive appreciation from service users and my line managers, which has gone a long way in encouraging me to do more. Within the next five years I’d like to become a consultant midwife, and believe that ESNEFT will support me to do so.

“The one thing I am really proud of in this career is the team work. Knowing that you are not alone in the care you are providing is priceless. I would like to say a big thank you to all of the maternity staff at Ipswich Hospital for the support they have given me and confidence they’ve shown in me since I joined ESNEFT – it really does mean a lot.”


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