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Brothers’ mother thanks “phenomenal” ESNEFT team who helped her sons survive Coronavirus

A mother has thanked the “phenomenal” ESNEFT teams who helped BOTH her sons survive Coronavirus.

Brothers Jacob and Isaac Tayel were admitted to Ipswich Hospital with the virus within 24 hours of each other. Both boys needed intensive care and were transferred to specialist hospitals to help keep them alive.

Isaac Tayel

Now back at home, the family are thanking the NHS teams which helped them to survive.

Mum Dianne said: “The staff at Ipswich Hospital were phenomenal, every single one of them. We cannot thank them enough. I don’t know how they do what they do. It’s a wonder.”

Jacob and Isaac live in Ipswich with parents Dianne and Ahmed. Jacob, a tall 14 year old at 6ft 1, was admitted to Ipswich Hospital at the end of March, followed within hours by younger brother Isaac, then 10. A day later, Jacob deteriorated and was transferred to a hospital in Cambridgeshire. Isaac was transferred the following day.

Jacob Tayel during his time in hospital

The brothers were just two rooms apart but because of cross contamination, Dianne could only see one of her sons – a decision made easier as Jacob was asleep. She said: “I was there with Jacob when he was put to sleep. I held his hand and he told me he was tired. I knew he was getting the care he needed and it was a comfort to know he was only two rooms away. Isaac needed me, he was awake.”

Isaac was the first of the brothers to be discharged from hospital. But as he and Dianne were travelling home, dad Ahmed took a call to say Jacob had again deteriorated and needed to go to a specialist children’s hospital for further treatment. It was there the family agreed to Jacob taking part in a drug trial.

Jacob’s condition fluctuated but he came off the ventilator on 14 April, Isaac’s 11th birthday, and was able to be part of a phone call to his younger brother. After a week, Jacob returned to Ipswich Hospital, as his speech and movement began to return.

esneft jacob

Jacob, Isaac and Dianne

He finally left Ipswich Hospital at the end of April. Dianne said: “It was so emotional. The staff lined the corridor to say goodbye to him.

“Somehow, despite everything, Jacob remembers all the people who cared for him, and it felt like they all remembered him too. It meant so much to see everyone come to say goodbye, even people not on the ward at the time. All the NHS staff who cared for the boys were great.

“Jacob doesn’t appreciate how close to the end he was at one point. For him, he went to sleep and woke up again. We didn’t think he’d make it. But now he enjoys talking about it and understanding more about what happened.”

Now the family is enjoying short walks and watching movies at home as Jacob recovers.

Members of the children’s team at Ipswich Hospital

Members of the children’s team at Ipswich Hospital

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