04/05/2023 | Press releases

4500 eco lights installed at Ipswich Hospital

Four and a half thousand environmentally-friendly light tubes have been replaced across Ipswich Hospital as part of several green initiatives at the Trust.

The £58,000 investment has already happened in areas including maternity, Pathology and the Diabetes Centre. All new build developments already have new LED lighting which offers a better option for the environment.

Group shot of lights in hospital corridor

ESNEFT’s energy and sustainability manager Tim Hewes said: “The investment in this will be recouped within 14 months by the amount of energy we’ll save through the LED light tubes.

“Any new build, like the hospital’s new Breast Care Centre, automatically has the most energy-saving options available, but we’re pleased to be able to replace many of the older tube lighting across the hospital as an interim option.”

Most of the lighting at Colchester Hospital and the Trust-owned community hospitals already have LED lighting.

selfie of man in hospital corridor
Tim Hewes

Mr Hewes added: “In some areas you will see a difference to look at the lights, but as we’ve re-used the existing fixings and just been able to replace the tube for a new LED one, in some areas it’s more difficult to tell. Doing this has also helped bring down the waste, the cost and in turn the carbon footprint of replacing the tubes as they have a longer lifespan and can be recycled at the end of their life.”

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust has launched several initiatives as part of their sustainability agenda with their Green Plan to help the NHS because carbon net zero by 2040.

Sharps bins are being reused instead of incinerated, food waste is being turned into eco-energy, the harmful gas desflurane has stopped being used in operation theatres and a variety of schemes to encourage greener travel has already been launched.

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