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Clinical psychology in chronic pain management

Clinical psychology in the ESNEFT pain management service

There are professionals from different disciplines represented in the pain management service. Clinical Psychologists work alongside the doctors, nurses and physiotherapists in the team.

Some people have concerns about seeing a Clinical Psychologist. They wonder if this means the team think their pain is psychological, or not real. This is not the case. Long-term chronic pain is not psychological.

We also acknowledge that pain can have a psychological and social impact on you and your life.  Living with chronic pain can affect many areas of your life. This includes:

  • your family life
  • your work
  • your social life
  • your hobbies
  • your finances
  • how you feel about the world
  • how you feel about the future
  • how you feel about yourself

You might choose to engage in individual or group work with us. You might do this to explore the ways in which pain impacts on your everyday experiences. You might work with a Clinical Psychologist to make changes, by using a shared understanding of your own potential challenges.

The focus will be to improve your quality of life and to empower you with self-management strategies.

You may also be seen by a Trainee Clinical Psychologist from the University of East Anglia. These trainees are under the supervision of the ESNEFT Clinical Psychologists.

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