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Advice on Using Display Screens

Your employer is legally responsible for assessing your workstation but here are a few tips for you to use to help yourself:

Avoid glare

There should not be any lighting in your field of view when looking at the screen. Try shielding your eyes from above and then from the sides to see if it feels more comfortable. Wearing a visor and / or moving the PC may help.

The screen should not be in front of a window.

Check for reflections

Turn the screen off and see if any lights or bright surfaces are visible on the screen. If there are, adjust them.

Regular breaks

It is very important to take regular breaks, look away every 10 to 15 minutes for 15 seconds, and actually stop using the display screen every hour for a few minutes.

Blink rate

The blink rate may be reduced when concentrating on the screen. You should be blinking 10 to 15 times a minute.


The centre of the screen should be lower than eye level, and the angle of the screen should be parallel to the incline of the face. Therefore, check your seating is correct.

If you still experience problems, anti-glare filters may help as they increase contrast. They will not help if symptoms are due to the time spent at the screen, the screen characteristics or a need for glasses.

Additional information

HSE Guidance – Working with Display Screen Equipment (Opens in a new window)
How to sit at your desk correctly (Opens in a new window)




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