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Volunteering at ESNEFT

At ESNEFT, our philosophy is that Time Matters. By volunteering your time, you are giving one of the greatest gifts of all.

It’s our ambition to make sure our volunteers feel valued and proud to be part of our team.

What do ESNEFT volunteers do?

Volunteers support our patients and their carers, and also our staff. Our aim is to improve the hospital experience for all.

Whether part of ESNEFT or a voluntary organisation, our volunteers play an important role in a patient’s experience.

Our volunteers are from all walks of life and make a genuine, lasting difference to the people we serve.

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities at ESNEFT and we would be happy to talk you through any role you are interested in.

Be assured, volunteering excludes personal care (bathing a patient, lifting a patient, taking a patient to the bathroom) and no “hands on” nursing type duties.

Equally our volunteers do not offer any advice on a patient’s health conditions or medication and do not actively participate in any clinical procedure or the supply/administration of medication.

So if you don’t have any experience in healthcare, don’t worry – you won’t need it.

Your induction, mandatory training and placement manager will supply you with all the information you need to know for your role.

Together we can make a difference

We champion volunteers from all backgrounds and ages – everyone volunteers for their own reasons.

Whether you want to give back to your community, gain experience, add to your CV or something else, we will support you.

As a volunteer you will be an ambassador for ESNEFT and be expected to maintain our high standards.

We expect you to be reliable and responsible and to follow the Trust values – Optimistic, Appreciative, Kind (OAK).

Read about the benefits of volunteering on the Institute For Volunteering Research website (Opens in a new window).






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