27/09/2021 | Press releases

State-of-the-art laser technology to benefit eye patients

Cataract, corneal and eye correction surgery is now being carried out by a new state-of-the art laser.

The new laser technology offers a more precise and comfortable treatment for ESNEFT patients without the need to cut or operate on the eye.

The hospital trust has invested £750,000 on the new cataract refractive laser suite.

Dr Hatch Mukherjee
Dr Achyut Mukherjee with a patient

Dr Achyut Mukherjee, consultant ophthalmologist for cornea refractive & glaucoma, said: “A human can never make these cuts with the same precision as a laser – a laser is always perfect.

“For cataract patients they need the lens of the eye replaced, and the laser can pre-fragment the lens without touching or going inside the eye – so it’s much better for the patient.”

Patients are already benefitting from the new piece of kit.

Lisa Sargent
Lisa Sargent before eye surgery

Lisa Sargent from Colchester nearly lost her sight before receiving vital eye surgery.

She said: “I had been getting headaches seeing halos. I put it down to tiredness, but one particular week they were really bad and wouldn’t clear so went to Colchester Hospital A&E and was referred to the eye clinic.

“By the time I got to the eye clinic my vision was impaired and I was put on a drip and given urgent treatment.”

Lisa was told she had acute closed-angle glaucoma in both eyes and the pressure in her eyes was dangerously high. She managed the condition for several years with some initial surgery to laser ‘channels’ in her eyes, and then used daily drops.

But by 2019 the pressures had gone up again, and Lisa was told she needed cataract surgery on her left eye, which was done manually.

She then had the new laser eye technology earlier this year on her right eye – and she said the laser was a much nicer experience.

Lisa Sargent
Lisa Sargent after eye surgery

The 54-year-old support worker said: “I couldn’t feel the laser at all. The manual surgery involved a lot more prodding and poking, so I really noticed a difference between the two operations.

Lisa had a new lens on her right eye. Without the surgery she could have lost her vision.

The mum-of-two added: “I feel very lucky to have had the treatment. It was really quick and hopefully I won’t need any more treatment now.”

Kathleen Campbell from Colchester has also had eye surgery with the new laser equipment.

The 82-year-old mum-of-one was diagnosed with glaucoma after seeing her optician

She said: “It certainly improved my eyesight! Everything is much sharper and clearer. It was fine having the laser surgery. It wasn’t painful, just slightly uncomfortable and after a couple of days my vision was very good.”

Dr Mukherjee said the laser technology offers a lot of options for many types of eye patients, including eyesight corrective surgery including those with astigmatism.

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