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Women’s health

Welcome to women’s health at ESNEFT

We offer clinics, treatment and surgery for a wide range of gynaecological problems that affect women:

  • Period (menstruation) problems
  • Menopause
  • Pelvic pain
  • Vaginal prolapse
  • Urine incontinence
  • Vulval conditions
  • Unplanned pregnancy

Your GP can refer you to gynaecology at ESNEFT.

Clinics are appointment-only.

When you see the doctor you will be asked to describe the problem for which you have been referred.

A vaginal and abdominal examination may be carried out to give more information about your gynaecological problem.

Any physical examinations are conducted with a chaperone present. You are welcome to bring a family member or friend to your appointment.

We may send you for more tests such as ultrasound scans or blood tests.

The doctor will explain your condition and the treatment options that are available.

Gynaecology at Colchester Hospital

Gynaecology helpline: 01206 742 659

Colchester Gynaecology Clinic Accessibility information from AccessAble (Opens in a new window).

Gynaecology at Ipswich Hospital

To access the gynaecology clinic, use entrance 7. There are stairs to the left of entrance 7 or continue along the corridor to the lifts. The clinic is on the first floor, above the antenatal clinic.

Gynaecology clinic: 01473 703 103

Ipswich Gynaecology Clinic Accessibility information from AccessAble (Opens in a new window).

Information about women’s health

If you want more information about women’s health problems and their treatment, please visit the NHS Choices website

NHS Choices website (Opens in a new window).

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